if it's not one thing it's two things

About ten or eleven years ago, I had a small tumor removed from my left breast. It was a benign cyst — the kind they frequently don't even remove these days, since they can simply be drained by FNA. In the last year, I've developed what I believe is another benign cyst. Most breast lumps do turn out to be benign. The trouble is that I seem to be having supernatural difficulties getting in to the diagnostics clinic for a mammogram. I was horrified to learn that the clinic I sometimes go to downtown is booked until JULY. How crazy is that? I had an appointment two weeks ago at my regular clinic in Burien, but they canceled it on me at the last minute. Then I had one this Tuesday which I missed because I got off at the wrong bus stop. The next time they could schedule me was May 7, a week from Monday.

I know that statistically this is almost guaranteed to be a non-problem that will be dealt with in one or two Dr. appts, but until I have that follow-up Mammogram, it's kind of hard not to worry a little and wonder. Maybe it's silly.

My co-worker bought me an Avenging Unicorn Play Set to cheer me up. It includes a Mime, an Annoying New-Age Bookstore Chick, and a Business man which you can impale on the unicorn's horn. Also includes a beautiful landscape background complete with beautiful mountains, waterfalls and a lovely rainbow against which to set the tableau of impalement. I love unicorns.

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