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I finally got the energy to log into Sarah's email account and hotmail had deactivated it and deleted all the email because it had not been logged into in over a month. Fuck hotmail.

I also logged into her myspace to clean out the spam. I can't believe the crap people leave in myspace comments. It feels like everything to do with Sarah now is holy and stupid phishing attempts posted in her myspace comments feel very much like a desecration. Actually, just logging into her account felt like a desecration. It changed the “last log in” date and that just felt so weird. I almost wish I hadn't done it. But, then I couldn't stand seeing things in her comments about growing a longer penis or getting a free target gift card. *sigh* No win situation.

I guess I shouldn't be too hard on hotmail. Yahoo deleted all her content as well. I don't think she really used her yahoo mail though, so that's not as big of a deal. Next, I need to go to her xanga, gaia, and whatever other accounts I can think of that she had. I'm lucky I remembered her password. I wonder how many parents are just lost at a time like this because without the password, you can't get access to the accounts. Not even if the kid was a minor and you're their parent and you have a death certificate. Before I tried logging in with the password I knew, I contacted myspace about options. There really aren't any unless you have the magic key.

Then, there's the question of what to do with her WOW characters. That really sounds trivial, but it doesn't *feel* trivial. Those characters were her avatars in the pretend world we inhabited together. We used to role play on the server. We had a whole back story. This probably sounds silly to some people, but it was fun and it was a way to get to know her when her guard was down and she was just playing. We had such great times together.

I guess none of this is really all that important. Last weekend, another teacher at Sarah's school lost a son in a car accident. He was a college student on his way home for a visit. So that's three teachers, a teacher aide, and an office worker who have lost kids or grandkids in car accidents in the last month and a half. The school has only 300 students.

Then again, yesterday 30+ people were gunned down at Virginia Tech. Death goes on.

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