Angry Atheists

I was amused and puzzled the other day at the magazine rack in Border's. On the cover of Vogue, they advertised articles about global warming, climate change, and their potential effects on the environment. On the cover of Newsweek, they advertised “the secret to younger skin.”

I've never been overly impressed with Newsweek, so when I received an email this morning with another here-we-go-again rant about atheists being defamed and why are we the only ones it's still ok to hate, I was not surprised to see that the culprit du jour was, in fact, Newsweek.

The essay in question is an editorial piece by a Rabbi. He claims that atheists are angry. In fact, the title of his seemingly kind and understanding psuedo-rant is “Understanding Angry Atheists.” This essay really pissed off some people I know, so maybe it's a self-fulfilling prophesy kind of thing.

In my exchanges with religionists, I have generally found them to be angry, beligerent, and difficult. For example, read some of the comments on the Normal Bob Smith site. You've never seen more angry people in your life. Seriously. I've never known an atheist to wish anal rape on someone for disagreeing with their point of view. It's actually a bit scary, the anger that comes from these people some times.

I wish our friend the rabbi had included some kind of link or other documenation of the angry atheists he's been running into. We could compare notes.

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