Once more, into the breach

The Brunswick County, North Carolina school board is one of the latest to attempt to push Christianity in public schools. It looks like their bid to allow the Gideons to distribute bibles at school may backfire on them, however. Allowing one religious group to distribute propaganda may open the flood gates, forcing them to allow anything from pagan literature to the FFRF's book, Just Pretend: A Freethought Book for Children . According to the article, the school board has “adopted the first draft of a religion in schools policy that could potentially give the board the right to pick and choose which faiths can be allowed in county high schools.” If they attempt to “pick and choose,” they are sure to be in for a fight from every group on their unacceptable list.

They claim that they are not attempting to block out any religions in particular, with the exception of “those works which defame other religious faiths.” That being the case, I don't see how they can allow the bible in. There are many passages in the bible which defame other religious faiths.

I don't support any religion myself. But, if you are going to allow the Christians to essentially proselytize a captive audience of high school students, then you have to be open to allowing other groups in to tell their side of the story, including those of us who don't subscribe to any religion at all.

While researching this, I found out that New Brunswick, Canada is also allowing the Gideons to distribute bibles. I'm really starting to worry about Canada. I used to think they were smarter than us.

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