Close Gitmo? Nah.

I've been reading the latest articles about international pressure to get the US to either release the people being held at Guantanamo bay, or try them. Of course, our dear president and his holy followers are refusing to accomodate the world opinion on this matter.

The thing that bothers me (aside from the obvious) is that the articles seem to all be harping on the fact that the UN people didn't visit Gitmo before making their pronouncement. I say, So What!? The prisoners could be sitting around in hot tubs being served tea and crumpets while having thier nails manicured. It wouldn't change the fact that they are being held without bond, without charge, and without the opportunity to defend themselves. That's just wrong, according to American ideals, exemplified by our somewhat neglected constitution.

And now, the Whitehouse is also attacking the report, also totally ignoring the main point, which is that these people are being held illegaly. If they are accused of crimes, let them be tried and sorted out fairly.

What country is Bush from again?

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