ISIL vs Syria vs the World

It would be nice if people could try to understand that the situation in Syria is complicated. They have been living under an oppressive regime for a long time now. If we put boots on the ground in Syria, what then? Who do we fight? The oppressive government that caused the rebellion to rise up in the first place, radicalizing so many young people, or the evil terrorists supporting the rebellion in order to gain more recruits? Meanwhile, the poor citizens are fleeing en-masses because they don’t want to be stuck in between that either. Then there is global climate change which is making most of Syria a wasteland where farmers are unable to even subsist. Then you have people growing up in France (or the US) who hear all the anti-Islam rhetoric and decide they want to be heroes by becoming terrorists themselves. They only hear one side of the story, because we only tell that side of it.  Then when they act, they seemingly reinforce our hatred and bias.  When can it ever stop?  What about the refugees, trying desperately just to find a safe place to simply live?