h1z1 funniness

I got H1Z1 yesterday. To get used to the controls and whatnot, I started out playing on a PVE server. I don’t have a headset/mic yet, so I was hoping to just kill some zombies and keep to myself while I got oriented.

Some strange person came up and started trying to punch me, which of course did nothing (PVE, remember?). I couldn’t talk to him because no mic. So he’s punching; I’m waving; and it’s really getting boring fast. He started shouting, “Are you a hacker? You cheater!” I looked through the controls for some appropriate gesture and all I could come up with was the head banger dance, so I did that.

For some reason, this really annoyed the dude. I walked away when I got bored. He followed me into a house and shut the door behind me, preventing me from leaving. I fervently wished I could just pull out my machete and have it over with. Instead, I just logged out, waited for a bit and logged back in. He was, fortunately, gone.

After that, I ordered a gaming headset. I wonder if it would have made any difference if I had been able to talk to him. Possibly not. lol