Too much caffeine?

Now, to me the “Browncoats” are basically just another group for me to be excluded from. I’m glad they are out there, otherwise Serenity would have never made it to the big screen, but I can see how they can be a bit . . . enthusiastic.

But, that is neither here nor there. The level of anger and animosity expressed in this review is interesting. Why are these guys so mad? He calls the movie “stupid,” and “childish,” and implies that a good fascist dictator is needed to come wipe its fans (so-called “small-minded fools with empty lives”) off the face of the earth.

Somehow, it’s hard to take seriously a guy who gave Deuce Bigelow 2 a “B” when he claims that movies like Serenity “[erode] the overall sophistication of our culture.”

The plain truth of the matter is that this movie appeals to geeks, who are by definition some of the more intelligent people around. They are the programmers, the engineers, the scientists that make modern civilisation so, well. . . modern. So, to imply that the people who liked this movie were all drooling, mindless idiots is asinine.

He also comments that “America is becoming the land of forced happiness where anyone who’s not chirpy and ‘optimistic’ is seen as a non-mainstream weirdo who should be shunned.” Er. I would not argue with that statement in the least, however I do not see the relevance. The folks I saw lined up for Serenity on opening day were hardly yuppies “in Nikes and smiley shirts.” They were the kind of people that said yuppies see as non-mainstream weirdos and generally shun. So, what was his point again?

Why would someone make such obviously fallacious and/or irrelevant assertions? Perhaps, because he expects at least some of the people who read it to accept it without questioning it. But… that would make them mindless idiots, wouldn’t it?

Actually, the more I think about it, I think that this review was just written as Browncoat bait. Let’s see how many hate mails we can get! Let’s really piss them off so we can make fun of them when they send in babbling, incoherent complaints!

There are more important things in life to babble incoherently about, but there are always a few in every group who don’t really get that.