Week 3, day 3

Last night I did indeed go out running. It stopped running by the time I got out there, so I only got slightly dripped on when running under trees. I shuffled along on the runs, and my knee lifts were quite slow and deliberate, but I completed the Zombie 5k Week 3, day 2 workout. Since I try to go out four times a week, and the Z5k app only has three workouts a week, my days get a little off.

I have been debating about repeating week 3 because I just feel like it was too hard. There are compelling arguments on both side. Maybe I should just keep going and barely complete the workouts all the way through until I barely run a 5K at the end. Then I could go back and re-do the whole thing as interval training with slow runs and fast(er) runs instead of walks and slow runs. It seems like a reasonable idea. I really would like to be able to run at least at a medium jogging speed rather than slower than a power walker. I guess I need to take it slow and get there when I get there.

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