Week 3, day 2

If Sunday’s run was tough, Tuesday’s run was miserable. I did the Week 3, Day 1 run form the “Ease into 5K app” just to test out whether it was in line with the Week 3 runs from Zombie 5K. I think it’s pretty close, though differently balanced between the running and walking bits. I still had a miserable time completing it. For a while I was running so slowly that I swear there were slugs passing me up. (To be fair, we have some really large slugs out here.) I also didn’t complete one of the runs and skipped the last run altogether.

Wow, do I feel discouraged, but it doesn’t matter. I took last night off because I was just so exhausted. My knees still hurt and I haven’t been sleeping well. I think maybe I just overdid the last couple runs last week and needed to let my body catch up. Of course, it was beautiful and sunny yesterday and today it’s cold, rainy, and nasty. I pretty much have to go out today or I’ll get my schedule all fucked up again, which is how I got to this point in the first place.

So, I’ll go out tonight in the rain. I’ll do the best I can. If I keep having difficulty getting through the runs in week 3, I’ll repeat week 3 next week. So there.

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