Week two day four

Today was an odd run. It was supposed to be an easy walk/run. I was doing the week 1, day 3 workout from last week. I meant to take it easy because this week has been off and today was normally supposed to be a rest day before the long run tomorrow. I was walking along on the warm-up, enjoying nature and zoning out. After a while, it (finally) occurred to me that I had been walking for a while and hadn’t done any runs yet. I looked at my phone, and my 5k trainer app had crashed. I’d been walking for 22 minutes. I ended up being out for over an hour, with a few short and longish runs, but I could not get he workout to load again, so I really don’t have a good record. I keep having trouble with this app and I’m wondering if I should switch to a different trainer app. But, I’m really into the zombies theme and the workouts are better than some of the other apps I’ve tried (and failed to complete) in the past. Maybe I should just go old-school and take a stopwatch and a notepad out with me.

So tired. I don’t really need any additional hurdles to jump through. Just getting out there and training is enough. Normally, I feel pretty up after a run. Not so much at the beginning of a run, but there’s a sense of accomplishment by the time it’s done. Not today, really. I just feel kind of discouraged. But, it doesn’t matter. Tomorrow is a new day. At least I got out there.

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