New Year's Resolutions?

In keeping with my current distraction, I have no New Year's resolutions. It's not that I think I have nothing to fix or change; I'm still too caught up in figuring out my current state of being to be able to decide what changes to try to make. It's amazing how weird it is trying to just get an accurate picture of my own self right now. I can easily look back and see how I used to be and it's even relatively easy to look ahead and decide what I want to be, but just sorting out the details of who I really am RIGHT NOW is not as simple. Anyway, until I figure that out, whatever New Year's resolutions I might make will be hard to keep. How can you make plans to change something if you don't know its current state? Or, more accurately, how can you know you've succeeded? “I want to make this water 10 degrees hotter than it is right now.” OK. Good plan. What temperature is the water right now? So, how will you know when it's 10 degrees hotter? Gotcha!

I can't even adopt my favorite resolution of all time(To maintain or exceed my current level of awesomeness. — Kate Bui) because I first have to sort out just what my current level of awesomeness is! What a conundrum.

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