The holidays are difficult. It is like a kick in the side of the head every time a new one comes along. Thanksgiving I could handle. Sarah was rarely with us at Thanksgiving, it seems. Christmas was harsh. It was the only day I flat out cried. I've been wandering around like a zombie for the last … well, let's face it — for almost ten months now. But, the holidays really got me.

This weekend, my partner and I will travel down to Texas and (hopefully) see Sarah's new Memorial Stone. I say, “hopefully” because we still haven't heard from the installer as to (a) whether he has received the stone yet and (b) when he thinks he can get out there and set it up. We made these plans before Christmas, because we thought the stone was done and about to be shipped at that time. We were mistaken or the person who told us that was mistaken. So, we have the plane tickets scheduled and a rental car. I hope we'll have a monument to see. If not, at least we will get to see family and have a little break.

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