I can't look at Sarah's pictures any more. At first, putting all the pictures up on the web was a way to keep holding on to her even though she was gone. Now, they just remind me that there will never be any more pictures. I'm trying so hard to be strong for everyone else. Mom and Dad are taking everything so hard. Everyone was here for my birthday. It was a great visit. There was virtually no conflict. Well, Dan and my mom got into it once over what an idiot George Bush is (my mom disagreed), and Michael was being an obnoxious teenager and really hurt his mom's feelings at one point. I remember going through that with Sarah, which made it really hard. Sarah told me once that she thought Michael was going to be OK after he grew up a bit. I trust her judgment. She turned out OK in the end, and she went through some really nasty phases.

I have embarked on a real project. I plan to make a whole book, bound in leather with pages made from horse tails. My dad helped me build a frame that will allow me to make pages large enough to make a reasonably-sized quarto. I already have leather that I bought some time ago just because I saw it at goodwill. It's from a very 70's style leather skirt. It's hideous as a skirt, but it really will make nice book covers. :)

I love going to Goodwill. You never know what you will find there. I got old wool pants to cut up and make felts out of. I found most of the things for my paper studio at Goodwill, including a really old and quite beautiful wooden storage box that must have been used for mail or filing of some kind in its first life. The best part was getting it for 5 bucks. :) I got some of the shelving from yard sales, but most of the really good stuff (including lots of picture frames) came from Goodwill. I used to tell Sarah that shopping at Goodwill was good karma. It's even more special to me now because it was something Sarah and I did together.

Well, I need to call my parents and check on them.

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