Dreams are weird. I was hoping that I would have more dreams of Sarah, since that's really the only way I have of spending time with her now. But, last night I had some really bizarre dreams which involved (I kid you not), fishing poles, heart surgery performed on stage, and Michael Jackson, as well as my friend Michael G. who kept showing up every time someone said, “Michael,” only to be told that we were talking about Michael Jackson. Just try to tell me that sounds like a normal dream. Believe me when I tell you that there was even more weirdness to it that I can't even begin to explain, especially since somewhere along the line someone misplaced the replacement heart that was supposed to be used in the second act. Also, something went wrong with the fishing pole. I have no idea how or why a fishing pole would be used to conduct heart surgery, not to mention why we would be doing such a thing on stage for an audience, but my subconscious must be a very odd place indeed.

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