"Does God Exist?" The Dan Barker/Todd Friel Debate

You can listen to the debate at http://www.wotmradio.com/2006/04/04/friel-barker-debate.

Here's the announcement, from the FFRF newsletter:

“Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) co-president Dan Barker debated Christian radio personality Todd Friel on March 30, 2006, in Willey Hall at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. The debate was sponsored by Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists (CASH). Minnesota Atheists was also on hand for support, not that Dan needed any. On Todd's radio show the next day, he tried to spin the debate as a win for his brand of Christianity (hellfire and young-earth creationism), but it was clear from the tone and quaver in his voice that even he knew he had been badly beaten.”

I haven't listened to the debate yet, but I highly doubt the announcement's assumption that Friel “knew he had been badly beaten.” I've never known a religionist in this situation to believe they lost the debate, no matter how obvious it was to everyone else. For them, it isn't about logic or reason, so no matter how “badly beaten” he may have been, unless he's an atheist now, he doesn't believe he lost.

By the way, I started listening to the “debate,” and it just sounds like Friel is trying to preach to the atheists. Like he really thinks he can convince a room full of free-thinkers that God exists by telling Bible stories. I am going to really have to bite nails to force myself to listen to him.

OK. I finished listening to the “debate.” Friel was just preaching the whole time. There was no real debate. Not that I'm surprised by this, since that's the way these things usually go. This is really the first time I've listened to Barker speak. He is well-spoken. I think that his path to atheism must have happened similarly to the way mine did. Reading and studying the bible, the WHOLE bible can do that to you.

Here is an exceptionally well-written review of the “debate” by someone who was actually there.

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