MSN still sucks

Latest and greatest! Not surprisingly:
MSN Sucks (#2 with a bullet)

Some of the others are gradually righting themselves, but keep an eye on this space for new and interesting bits of stupidity.

By the way, you have to check out the number one entry. It's actually about why MSN messenger sucks, but the most fun part of it is the list of incoherent comments that his legitimate complaint elicited. Here is one of the comments received. Make fun of it and enjoy.

“OMFG ur sooo sad sittin written a about how msn suks !!! well it doesn't suk at all if u dinny like it dinny use it god ur more o a blonde than a am !! Y don't u write about sumhing gd and excitin eh ?! U really just need 2 get a life and stop usin it if u dinny like it u saddo !!”

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