More cartoon insanity

Today, I read more reports of more ongoing violence being committed in the name of Mohammed (PBUH and all that)due to the publishing of some silly cartoons by some silly Danes (PBU them, too and may their heads remain securely attached) in a silly newspaper that hardly anyone reads.

So, apparently the “divide between east and west” is growing deeper. because of those stupid cartoons. I cannot even express just how completely insane I think all of this is. “Islam is a religion of peace!” So is Christianity . For that matter, so is Judaism. Think about that for a while.

I feel very strongly that the world would have been a MUCH better place if none of the three of those religions had ever been thought up in the first place. Conflicts between or among Christians, Jews, and Muslims have been a recurring plague on humanity. Not to mention internal conflicts between one sect and another, such as the Sunni and the Shia or the Catholics and the Protestants, etc., etc. There is no peace there. Only perpetual conflict. There can be no peace without respect for the right of others to have their own opinions.

Without having enough confidence in ones own beliefs to be comfortable questioning them or having them questioned by others, one can never be free from persecution. In a sense, by holding fast to beliefs that fragile, you are persecuting yourself. It isn't up to the the rest of the world to fix that for you. That is something you have to do for yourself.

If God's squabbling children could put aside their sibling rivalry the world would be happier (and more peaceful) for it. If they would just grow up, that would be even better.

What would Mohammad do?

A different Cartoon Controversy

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