My Favorite Mad Scientist

The Seoul University panel that was put together to investigate Hwang Woo-suk's human stem cell cloning research has found that his work was faked! They called him a fraud! He says that his experiments were sabotaged by his lab assistants, who apparently hated him and wanted him to fail (or something). According to an article from BBC News , Dr. Hwang hasn't appeared in public since this outrage began and his current whereabouts are unknown. I suspect he has retreated to his secret, underground lair to continue his experimentation in peace without the prying eyes of jealous lab assistants. Only his truly loyal minions, er.. I mean lab assistants will be allowed to aid him in his future endeavors . . . and those willing to donate their own ova .
Mark my words! One day, he'll come back and when he he does, he will show them! He will show them all!!! Muahahahaha

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