Noam Chomsky

Open Letter to Noam Chomsky:


I've got your book (Middle East Illusions) and I will be open minded however if you mention all the Arab villages that disappeared in 1948 I very much doubt you will mention, at the same time, the thousands of Jewish villages that also disappeared in 1948 in Iraq, Iran and Egypt where Jewish people had been living for over 2500 years and were forced from their homes ….nor will he mention the villages in Germany, Hungary, Poland where 6 million Jews not only lost their villages but also lost they're lives.

It seems that he won't give two sides of the story…..only one side. IE: Let's bash Israel.

I believe in “the right of return” of all Palestinians to Israel. I also believe in the “right of return” of all Jews to Europe (6 million) and to all parts of the Middle-East (Did you know that there were many Jewish villages in the West Bank and that Jews were forced to leave to Israel in 1948…..IE: it works both ways) I believe in a Middle East that is secular, not religious. Where a Muslim is free to build as many Mosques as he wants in Haifa and where a Jew is free to build as many synagogues as he wants in Tehran, Cairo etc.

I don't know when that will take place however I hope it will take place soon.

That will require Muslim clerics to leave all government positions in the Arab world and for all Jews to leave Government positions in Israel.

I'll read the book with an open mind however if it's simply full of anti-Jewish invective…..I'll be very disappointed.

I think it's the human condition…..again 2 Billion Muslims, 2 Billion Christians…..20 million Jews ? IE: let's blame the minority instead of taking responsibility for ourselves. Unfortunate however very human.

Michael Price

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